Bronx Cheer

This is Tim Escobedo’s Bronx Cheer.  This is a synth filter sounding distortion sound.  The following is the text that was on the original schematic.

The Bronx Cheer is an envelope waveshaper filter.  The sound is unlike any effect ever heard before.  A sort of resonant VCF fuzz, or, well, raspberry.  There are two simple controls,  1) S2 is a Hi-Lo switch, changing the filtering frequency of the effect from high to low,  2) an output level control.  

The effect is very responsive to playing dynamics and the timbre changes as notes fade away.  Sounds can range from high resonance synth textures to wacky fuzz to bubbly raspberry, all depending on how hard the note is played, range of notes played, muting, etc.  It also does serious deconstruction to bass and keyboards, from cheesy Casio to high end modular.  The greater the dynamic range, the more pronounced the effect.

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