These links are related to some of our spiritual beliefs, we are not directly affiliated with any of these links. If you’re unfamiliar with these links, we encourage you to keep an open mind and take a look.   Otherwise, just skip down to the next section.

Bible Gateway Online Bible(s)
Blue Letter Bible
Bible Project Very Cool Overview of Books of the Bible!
Bible Study Tools
Scripture Typer An awesome app for memorizing Bible
E-Sword Bibles & associated resources!
Karl Coke Evangelistic Association

Do-It-Yourself Guitar Effects Links

GEOFEX – Guitar Effects Oriented – Required reading
Aron Nelson’s Stompbox Forum Page – The Best DIY stompbox Forum
Small Bear Electronics LLC More projects, information and a great part source
Mark Hammer’s Articles – Long Lost Do-It-Yourself articles, a very good resource. – Some great DIY information for guitarists.
Ampage Sound Samples – Lots of home-built effects pedal sound samples.
Runoff Groove
Fuzz Central
DIY Guitarist
Moosapotamus – Great stompbox building mods and information.
Wah Wah Co – Cool Wah Wah Site
Stellan Lehrberg’s Effects
gaussmarkov: diy fx
Guitar Related Circuits
Analog Guitar and Bass Music Effect Clones
Mutron Biphase Clone
Guitar Amp and Effects Projects
John Hollis – Assorted Circuit Designs

Electronics Parts Links

Stompbox Parts suppliers

All Electronics Corporation
Mouser Electronics
Keystone Electronics
Electronix Express
Circuit Specialists
Micro-Mark – The Small Tool Specialists