MXR™ Phase 90™ (Script Logo)

This is the original MXR™ Phase 90™ Phase Shifter (script logo) Replica known as P90. This is a classic phase shifter.  We chose to use this layout since the 741 ICs seem to be part of the “magic” sound of the old Script Logo version.  The layout is very similar to the original MXR layout.

Buy a P90 Complete Kit. Includes all the parts and materials you need to build one, all for about the price you would pay for a PCB and parts.

Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for this project?
Note: If you buy the kit, the Ready-to-Solder Printed Circuit Board (RTS PCB) is included in the kit.  You do not need to purchase this Ready to Solder Circuit Printed Board if you buy the kit.