Musitronics Mu-tron III (Neutron)

This is a Musitronics Mutron III replica project called the Neutron. This project is from the GEOFEX site.  Based on one of the most famous and best sounding Envelope Filters ever made..  Trademarks mentioned here belong to their owners not to General Guitar Gadgets.

Special notes: 

  • Most of the optical units that we found to work well with this circuit are now obsolete.  If you know of any solutions that work well for the LED/LDR unit, let us know and we can test it and post it on this page.
  • If you experience noise from the Charge Pump, Connecting  pin 1 and 8 of the 7660 IC with a jumper may stop the whine noise from that charge pump IC.

Project files:

Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for this project?