Brown Sound In A Box version 2 (BSIAB2) is an excellent distortion pedal designed by Ed Guidry. Based on the AMZ MiniBooster cascading work done by Jack Orman and further refined by Aron Nelson and Doug Hammond.

This is one of the best heavy Marshall-type distortion boxes that we’ve heard and it also performs very well on low drive as you can hear at the beginning of the sound sample below.

Here is a diagram for the modification of adding a “Contour” control. This mod, you replace R7 with a 5k6 resistor and a 100k pot. This allows you to dial in some more tone variations.

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Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for this project? Note: If you buy the kit, the Ready-to-Solder Circuit Board (RTS PCB) is included in the kit.  You do not need to purchase this RTS PCB if you buy the kit.