For the first time in General Guitar Gadgets’ history we are discontinuing one of our kits.  When attempting to resupply our stocks of VTL5C2/2 optical modules, we found them to be nearly double the price of our previous purchase.  With our cost of the optical units at $60, we feel the kit would no longer be feasible.   So, until we find a workable alternative for the optical units, we will no longer be offering the MXR™ Phase 100 Replica Complete Kits.  At this time we will continue to offer the PCBs.  If you’ve been thinking about buying a Phase 100 kit, now is the time to do it.  As of today, May 22nd, there are 5 of these kits left.  

It is with sadness that I write this post.  This phase shifter has some great sounds, one-of-a-kind sounds.  It’s always sad to see parts go obsolete or priced out of range.   The good news is you can still get a new Phase 100 re-issue for around $120 (street price).   In my opinion the re-issues sound good and have at least most of the charm of the original 1970’s MXR units.

JD Sleep