'77 Les Paul Custom

I attended a talent show last night.  After the show I was talking to one of the guitar players in the band that had played earlier.  He had only been playing guitar for less than six months.  He said a couple things that made me think.  1)”There’s always a half step between E & F and between B & C.”    2) “When you move your hand this way (toward the nut of the guitar) the notes get lower and when you move your hand this way (toward the bridge) the notes get higher.”   Apparently, before he started playing he had a misconception that playing high up on the neck meant playing in the 1st fret area.

I’ve been playing guitar for a very long time.  Sometimes I forget about the  aspects of the simplicity of the guitar.  I forget about the simple beauty of the guitar and the music that comes out of it.  Have you ever been alone in a quiet place and strummed a chord on an acoustic guitar?  The complexity of sound from a single open string is mind boggling and amazing when you really listen to it.  Segovia called the guitar the “little symphony”.  What a great description!

Sometimes I just look at the guitar and admire the beauty of it.  The modernistic curves of the Stratocaster™ or the simple slab body of the Telecaster™.  The way the strings lay so close to the frets.  The knobs, switches and jack (with cables to amps) appeal to my desire to tinker with gadgets.  The guitar sounds appeal to the appreciation of aesthetics that God gave me.

The Guitar!  What a fascinating, simple, beautiful thing!

What do you love about guitar?

JD Sleep
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