Drill Your Own Enclosure

All of the kits are available with an option of “no enclosure included”.  Here are some paper templates that may be of use, for those who want to drill your own enclosure.

Disclaimer:  General Guitar Gadgets is not responsible for any injury or death you may incure from drilling you own boxes.  Always wear eye protection and hearing protection while operating the drill.  General Guitar Gadgets is not responsible, in any way, for the way in which your drilled enclosure turns out after you drill it.  We offer these templates as a guideline only, and in no way do we promise any kind of proper alignment, hole sizes,  centering or spacing of any kind to the holes that you drill on your enclosure while using these templates.

In other words, think it through carefully before you turn on the drill.  One wrong move with the drill and the enclosure OR your hand OR your eye can be badly injured or lost.  Always use a padded “C” clamp to secure the enclosure to the press or table before you drill a hole.