Speaker Switch Box

This is a simple  patch bay that will allow you to hook up two speaker cabinets to an amp that only has one output.  The switch box has a jack for the wire from the amp output and two jacks for wires to the two speaker cabinets.  There is a toggle switch for switching between parallel wiring for the two speakers or series wiring.  Alternatively, there is also diagram for parallel and series wiring with no switching required.  This might be a good alternative for those who don’t want the speaker signal  to be passing through switch contacts.  It would require two more jacks to accommodate the two wiring options.  Note that we insulated the jacks from the metal enclosure with some nylon inserts.  In order for the wiring scheme to work, the box will have to be non-conductive (wood or plastic) or insulated from the metal enclosure as we did here.

There are a lot websites that have basic speaker wiring diagrams for series, parallel and combinations, so we thought there wasn’t any reason for us to re-post the basic information.  A simple inquiry on your favorite internet search engine should produce quick results if you need to have that basic speaker wiring information.