Stage Center Reverb

This is Craig Anderton’s “Stage Center Reverb”, which first appeared in the September 1976 Guitar Player Magazine.  We have added some minor improvements provided by Mark Price.  This project is a spring reverb effect, which means that in addition to the stompbox-sized box with the circuit and connections for guitar, amplifier and power, you will also need a spring reverb tank (as found in most amplifiers that have reverb)  and a set if two shielded cables with “RCA” style jacks.  We tested this circuit with several different spring reverb tanks and found that these are the identifiers of the reverb spring tanks that work well with this circuit:

  • 8DB2C1D
  • 8EB2C1B
  • 8EB3C1B

These are short tanks with input impedance of 310 ohm or 800 ohm (second digit of the tank code is D or E).  The 8 ohm and 10 ohm input impedance tanks that are found in many amplifiers (second digit of tank code is A) do not work with this unit, they produce a lot of (bad) distortion and no reverb.