Mosrite Fuzzrite Replica

Raw and awesome!  This Fuzz Tone has a very good “Spirit In The Sky” fuzz sound.  It is reported to be the Fuzz Tone used by  Eric Brann of Iron Butterfly in the classic song “In-A-Gadda-Da Vida”.  It was apparently also a favorite fuzz tone used by many in the “San Francisco Psychedelic Music Scene of the 1960’s”.   A complete kit is available or use the SECF RTS-PCB to build this fuzz.  Any Trademarks mentioned here belong to their owners and NOT General Guitar Gadgets. 

Buy a MRFR Complete Kit. Includes all the parts and materials you need to build one, all for about the price you would pay for a PCB and parts.

Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for this project?  Note:  The PCB is Multi-Use and is labeled “SECF”  Note: If you buy the kit, the Ready-to-Solder Printed Circuit Board (RTS PCB) is included in the kit.  You do not need to purchase this Ready to Solder Circuit Printed Board if you buy the kit.