Revised Layouts for the Electronic Projects For Musicians Book

Bring new life to your Electronic Projects For Musicians book, and forget about that hard-to-find RC4739 IC!!!. Here are the layouts for most of the projects from that book using the 5532 IC instead of the RC4739. Some of the projects that don’t feature the RC4739 are also included here as a bonus! These layouts are “ready for Techniks Press-n-Peel Blue GIF files, similar to the layouts for the other projects on this site.

Be sure to also check out the ideas at GEO for Anderton Parts Substitutions.

Some notes about these layouts:

  • You need the book to work with these layouts. All the details of building the projects and what parts to use are in the book.
  • The fourteen pin RC4739 dual op-amp IC footprint has been replaced with the eight pin 5532 dual op-amp IC footprint in all of the layouts that have dual op-amps. The RC4739 is pretty much extinct, in fact I never could find that chip at the local stores, even when the book was new!
  • The quad op-amp ICs are still RC4136s. Since these ICs are still available this should only be a minor pain in the neck. I thought about switching to a TL074 pinout, but the part placements would need to be changed significantly and I’d need new part layout files too. If there is any demand for them, I may provide layouts that use the TL074 footprint sometime in the future.
  • The part placement for all these layouts are pretty close to the same as the book (except for the dual op-amp footprints). I had to reposition a couple of resistors on the phase shifter, you should be able to easily figure it out by tracing through the schematic and layout. Project 8 is the exception, I decided to use the layout from
  • The size of the overall layouts are trimmed down where possible, but most aren’t suitable for a Hammond 1590BB. These projects are best suited for rack mount with their large board sizes and bi-polar power requirements, but they can be made into pedals (of larger size than most projects on this site.)
  • Don’t forget these layouts are reverse image of those in the book. I think the book images were meant to be silk screened, my layouts are meant to be ironed on.
  • The copyright notice on the layouts indicate that I created this particular image. In no way am I trying to take credit for Craig Anderton’s layout designs.
  • I listed all the projects in the book, so you’ll know at a glance what is and isn’t available here.

Have fun!!!

Project 1 – Preamp
Project 2 – Metronome
Project 3 – Passive Tone Control
Project 4 – Headphone Amp
Project 5 – Miniamp
Project 6 – Ultra-Fuzz
Project 7 – Bass Fuzz
Project 8 – Compressor/Limiter. I used the Lazyfinger layout for this one
Project 9 – Ring Modulator
Project 10 – Dual Filter Voicing Unit
Project 11 – Adding Bypass Switches To Effects
Project 12 – Guitar Rewiring
Project 13 – Bipolar AC Adapter
Project 14 – Treble Booster
Project 15 – Electronic Footswitch
Project 16 – Tuning Standard
Project 17 – Super Tone Control
Project 18 – Eight in, One out Mixer
Project 19 – Using a volt Ohm-Milli-ammeter
Project 20 – Practice Play Along
Project 21 – Phase Shifter
Project 22 – Making Patch Cords
Project 23 – Talk Box
Project 24 – Tube Sound Fuzz
Project 25 – Envelope Follower
Project 26 – Spluffer
Project 27 – Noise Gate