MXR™ Dynacomp™

In the 1970’s, the MXR™ Dynacomp™ compressor was another ground breaking innovation from the original MXR™ company.  Soon after its release, it became standard equipment for Fender™ Telecaster™ players and the Nashville sound was forever changed (for the better, obviously!).  This project is based on the original Dynacomp™ from the “real” MXR Innovations™ company as built in the ’70’s, not the ones currently built by Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.  We added true bypass and an LED indicator, but that will not alter the tone of this great compressor. The Ross™ Compressor was copied from this compressor and is treasured by many players as being “the one” compressor. At General Guitar Gadgets we believe that the Dynacomp™ is an excellent compressor and rates as high as the Ross as a great compressor. Note that this project uses the same PCB and Kit as the Ross™ Compressor.

Buy a DynaComp Compressor Complete Kit. Includes all the parts and materials you need to build one, including the PCB, all for about the price you would pay for a PCB and parts.

 Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for this project?