Speaker Simulator

Here’s a project that originated from Aron’s Stompbox page.  GFR designed a “lite version of the Fender simulator from the LXH site (the site no longer seems to exist). I drew up the layouts and here they are.

Please Note: This is a speaker simulator, not a power attenuator. This unit Should Not be placed between your amp and speakers. This unit goes at the end of your effects chain (or straight from your guitar) into a mixer, computer or headphone amp. It’s purpose is to modify the tonal characteristics of your guitar signal to sound somewhat like the sound coming out of a speaker. It’s use is for recording without the use of a guitar amplifier, or getting a more pleasant listening tone when practicing through headphones.

Tags “A” and “B” show where you could patch in more circuits if you want to add more “dips and “peaks” to this circuit. If you want to build it as-is, just leave pad “A” empty and jumper the “B” pads together.

Here’s a nice speaker simulator that is inside some Marshall amplifiers (for the direct out). This is a very good sounding and also easy to build simulator.