Right now there is a great sale in the store 15% regular price on everything in the store

This may be one of the last chances for pricing this low.  We have been in business on the internet for over 16 years and have managed to NEVER have had a store-wide price increase in our history.   Over the years, from time-to-time we have seen wholesale prices on some items decrease which has helped keep our “average cost” low.  We have also focused on buying parts in lower-priced bulk purchases to keep our pricing stable.  The times they are a-changing.  We have seen the price of some items skyrocket!  For example our cost of the PCB standoffs has increased around 10-fold in the last 3 years.  Part availability is also an issue and some kits may disappear if the market continues to deteriorate.

I have considered lowering the quality of some of the parts in the kits, But I just can’t stand the thought of selling kits that don’t have Switchcraft Jacks and solid battery-snaps, etc.  I may be a seller of kits, but I have also been a purchaser of kits,  (synth kit and meter kit)  and have been disgusted with the low quality of parts included in the kits I purchased.  We sell the kind of kits that I would be satisfied with as a buyer.  All of my “personal stash” stompboxes (that I have built and keep on my pedal boards) are the same as the kits we sell (with added labeling on the enclosure).

We will do what we can to continue selling at current pricing, but the future does not look good.

As an additional note, the price of postage has increased sharply over the last 14 years.  With the fuel problems we are having now, I would expect that they will soon increase as well.  Our policy on shipping is that our shipping rates are as close to actual cost as realistically possible.  I don’t believe in gouging customers with high shipping costs added on at the end (tricking the customer) and, generally speaking, I don’t believe that “Free Shipping”  is actually free and in a store like ours, it would punishes the buyers with smaller orders.   All that to say that if we see US Postal rate rise, that will be passed on in the store as higher shipping rates in the store (a continuation of our policy).

I pray you will all continue to have great experiences building and making music with our products and that music will continue to greatly enhance our lives.

JD Sleep

General Guitar Gadgets